Pins + Needles 20

So this weekend Husband is going to a smarty-pants 3-day workshop on WordPress. Beneficiary: ME. That means, however, I will home by myself all weekend (During the day. Not at night. Don’t try to come murder me.) with no real plans.


I also took Friday off so that is 3 days of my own plans! I hardly know what to do with myself! That’s a lie I have about 1,000 things I want to try and squeeze in. This is what I do…I have a day open and I jam it so full of stuff it’s like stuff-calzone with stuff leaking out the sides.

Yet I continue to do it.

So far I plan to work on booth decorations for my last show of the season, run some errands, visit my pal Stacey The Florist who is prepping flowers for a huge wedding and maybe scrapbook.

Depending on how much booth decor I get done Friday is what I do Saturday but I plan to go watch my (old) peeps do CrossFit at the Masters (old people) competition at CFNE. Should be the bomb balls.

I am all excited although I’m pretty sure I have no factored in SLEEPING LATE. Fail.

Oh well.

Fun plans for the weekend anyone?


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